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Before a user can create accounts, an admin must perform the following steps:

  • add a password to the list in
  • restart python
  • create .regdpasswd (containing the same password as that added to the list) in the user's home directory.

The user then needs a copy of the registration script (copy the one located in /home/jimmyk/

To create an account: 1. Run python to start the script. 2. Type test to ensure you are connected. 3. Enter add and follow the prompts provided.


Attempting to create accounts without alternate email addresses will answer that the account did create successfully, but the account will not be created.

There also seems to be an issue with accounts that have optional email addresses. When creating these accounts, the following error is returned (but note that in this instance, the account is still created):

  • Adding user to registration db.
  • User added.
  • Acquiring lock.
  • Finding a new GID/UID pair.
  • Creating user home directory.
  • Adding user xxxx (full name) with UID/GID #####/##### to LDAP.
  • Creating a mail spool file.
  • Adding user to progsoc and progsoc-announce...

ERROR! Exception! Command failed.

Admin Team Notes

  • Server-side registration script resides on Orgo in /local/regd/registration
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