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In 2011, John Elliot proposed that ProgSoc should be looking for (a) corporate sponsor(s). The president at the time, Tom Bozic, was decidedly anti-corporate, anti-sponsorship back then, but has since matured and changed his attitude towards such arrangements (within reason), especially since he has witnessed first-hand what corporate funding can achieve.

This is John's proposal:

ProgSoc is looking for a sponsor to enable it to do the following:

  • Provide free drinks and snacks for members in the ProgSoc room
  • Provide UTS students and members with free copies of TFM
  • Get fancier equipment
  • Host fancier events

ProgSoc's proposal to potential sponsors is that sponsorship will be $10,000 per year, for 5 year terms, non-refundable, non-exclusive, paid in advance. So in exchange for $50,000 of sponsorship funds, for a term of 5 years, ProgSoc will:

  • Create a Sponsors page with information about our sponsor(s), including links to any relevant "About Us" or "Careers" information on the sponsor's web-site
  • Update its home page to include a prominent link to the Sponsors page
  • Update TFM to include an inset with information about the sponsor
  • Make itself available to have the sponsor present to ProgSoc members about itself

One sponsor (on the above terms) would be enough for ProgSoc, although if we were to have more than one sponsor the sponsors would be listed in priority according to,

  • How much money they have donated to ProgSoc, or if it's the same amount,
  • How long they have been a ProgSoc sponsor for

ProgSoc feels that a sponsorship arrangement such as proposed above would be suitable for companies who are interested in:

  • Giving back to their community
  • Fostering programming expertise in Australia
  • Seeking exposure to up-and-coming talented programmers

A sponsor would make a tremendous difference to ProgSoc, and enable it to more effectively pursue its goals of encouraging programming, developing programming expertise in our community, and generally making the world a better place. ProgSoc would be very grateful to be the beneficiary of a sponsorship deal, and we thank our potential sponsors very much for their time, and for their consideration.

About TFM

TFM is a ProgSoc publication that has been around for a very long time. Traditionally, first year Information Technology students at UTS are encouraged to purchase a copy of TFM (for $10), as it is a very useful compendium containing lots of information about how to use the Unix-based computers available at UTS (and elsewhere). Under the planned terms of the sponsorship arrangement, TFM could be disseminated to UTS students for free, rather than for the $10 fee. Not only would this likely broaden the scope of readership, and thereby make the world a better place, it would also give the sponsor greater exposure to members of the UTS community.

Contact information

You're interested in sponsoring ProgSoc? Great! Please get in contact with the executive via email to psexec@progsoc.uts.edu.au and let us know. Thanks very much!

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